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• Our experiential and arts integrated teaching-learning content is mapped to NCERT curriculum and covers           all chapters in the textbook in Maths, Science and English from grades 4 - 7.

• Our content will be made available at no cost through DIKSHA App and will also be made available on our own     mobile app called Teachopia, which will be released on Play store in early 2021.

• Our content has been approved for use in government schools by Karnataka's curriculum authority, DSERT.

• Our content is available in both English & Kannada languages.

Experiential lesson
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Unleash your students with our experiential & Arts integrated lesson plans.

Experiential Lesson Plans


Challenge your students with interesting questions based on the topics you just taught through our experiential lesson plans.


Project based learning modules
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  • Extend experiential learning to your students home by assigning learn at home project based learning modules.

  • Energize your homework / project works through simple no cost / low cost activities with materials usually available at home.

Project based learning modules

English skill development
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Improve the English skill of your students through fun & experiential activities based on phonics methodology.

English skill development

Teacher training modules
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Training modules for teachers to enrich their subject expertise and experiential teaching skills.

Teacher training modules



Through our technology platform called Teachopia, we are aiming to bring high quality experiential teaching and learning content to teachers in their classrooms. We believe that affordability should not come in the way of effective teaching and learning in any classroom. We therefore make all our content available FREE OF COST to the teachers.


Our content can be accessed through

  1. Scanning the energizer codes (QR codes) in NCERT textbooks through DIKSHA App.

  2. Our own Teachopia App which is scheduled to be released in Google Play store in early 2021.

Teachopia Mobile App

Experiential Teaching Content

Experiential Lesson Plans, worksheets, simulations, videos etc

Other Useful Classroom Resources

Resources to make your classroom fun and engaging like stories, English skill improvement activities etc.

Teacher Trainings

Enrich your experiential teaching skill by attending our Live Online teacher training sessions.

Teachopia offline server

Teachopia Offline servers are a solution for providing high quality content to those rural schools that do not yet have access to high speed data connectivity. Our low cost microservers create an offline micro-cloud in schools through which teachers will be able to stream digital content on their mobile phones, tablets or any other internet capable devices. Our solution has been proven through pilot testing in 10 schools in Ramanagara district of Karnataka.

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Implementation Support

District level
Teacher Training

Conduct live online training programs for all government school teachers in a district to enrich their subject expertise and experiential teaching skills.

Cluster Academic

Engage with the education system at cluster and block level to help create an environment conducive to experiential learning in schools.

Teacher Academic Leadership Development Program

Mentoring support in the schools to help the teachers adopt experiential teaching methods.



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