Education through experience & discovery

Our mission: to empower every government school teacher to create an experiential learning environment in their classrooms.Lean More

A new way to look at education

The rapidly evolving industry requires the education system to create individuals who are equipped with 21st century skills who are capable of solving real world problems.

Indian education policies like the National Education Policy 2020 point to experiential learning methodologies as the key to developing the needed 21st century skills like creativity, communication, collaboration and real-world problem solving.

Watch the video on what experiential teaching in classrooms looks like.

The problem we want to solve

While the Indian education policies clearly articulate the need for a wide spread adoption of experiential teaching learning methods across the country, the problem lies in implementation.

We at Caring with Colour are working towards developing and implementing systemic solutions that can bridge this gap between the policy and implementation.

Our solution

Empowering teachers to adopt experiential teaching methods through

Experiential teacher training

We provide comprehensive training to improve the subject knowledge and pedagogical expertise of teachers.

Experiential teaching content

Our experiential teaching content helps teachers take their learnings from the training session into classroom practice.

Create enabling environments for adoption

We develop mentorship structures within the education department that supports the teachers in their journey to adopt experiential teaching methods.

Implementation of the solution is powered by our technology platform called Teachopia that supports effective execution and scalability

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