CWC’s three part solution framework is operationalized through an initiative called the District Education Transformation Program in the Tumakuru and Madhugiri educational districts. It has been named as “Sanchalana” by the education department in these two districts.

The DETP program tries to improve the quality of teaching methods adopted by the teachers by improving the factors that impact teaching quality both at a classroom level as well as the education department ecosystem level.

Classroom factors

Focus on improving teacher skillset, mindset, and provision of good quality teaching resources that will help teachers adopt experiential teaching methods

Department factors

Collaborate with the education department to improve practices used to train and mentor teachers along with improving the processes used to monitor and support the implementation of experiential teaching methods

Program Initiatives in Tumakuru & Madhugiri

Teacher Training Program

Monthly training programs that are designed to help teachers in grades 4-7 for subjects Math, Science and English teacher using experiential teaching techniques.

  • Training mapped to the hard spots for that month
  • Blended learning mode with both technology and face-to-face components
  • Teachers’ pre- and post-training assessments
  • Uses industry standard ADDIE (Analysis, Design, Develop, Implement, Evaluate) framework of training

Number of Schools reached


Number of students benefitted


Number of teachers trained

Teacher Mentorship Program

CWC partnered with District Institute of Education and Training(DIET)-Tumakuru to identify and train 300+ exemplary teacher mentors who have in turn trained over 3000 primary school teachers each month in experiential teaching techniques.

  • Monthly training program to teacher mentors on how to train other teachers
  • Demonstration and discussion on experiential teaching methods relevant for that month
  • Monthly peer-learning sessions where teachers focus on teaching learning methods
  • Feedback from teachers on challenges faced in the classrooms

Number of mentoring canters created


Number of teacher mentors identified & trained


Number of teachers trained

Classroom Monitoring Program

CWC built a classroom observation tool on its technology platform Teachopia and trained all the Cluster Resource Persons (CRPs) and Block Resource Coordinators (BRCs) in the district on how to conduct effective classroom observations with constructive feedback given to teachers.

  • 270 CRPs and 10 BRCs trained on classroom observation techniques.
  • Monitoring forms made available through Teachopia
  • Analytics of the classroom observations made available through administrative dashboards to the functionaries.

Number of block officials trained on classroom observation


Number of Classroom observations done


Number of feedback sessions conducted for teachers

Process enhancements within educational district

CWC closely collaborated with the district and block level functionaries to help them articulate district level quality improvement goals and evolve system processes that can help provide visibility on progress towards the goals.

  • District visioning workshop to articulate educational quality improvement goals
  • Monthly progress review meetings for every level of the department with their higher ups
  • Training to DIET lecturers and other functionaries on research and data driven decision making.

Impact of DETP in Tumakuru & Madhugiri


  • Sri Lokesh H MSri Lokesh H MEnglish Sugamakara GLPS Bommalapura, Tiptur

    One of the best workshops organized by our department for us is 'Sanchalana'. Sanchalana in English is a movement, an activity". A new concept arises when new ideas and activities are demonstrated and shared with interested teachers. It was a thought and a dream for the betterment of skills. That dream has come true in collaboration with the District Institute of Education and Training and Caring with Colour.

  • Sri Hanumantharayappa MSri Hanumantharayappa MMathematicians, GHPS Krishnagiri, Pavagada

    The Sanchalana Program is an innovative program that has been effective in inculcating enthusiasm in teaching teachers and has indeed created a stir among teachers and children. The main objective of the programis to create a conducive environment for learning by providing support systems to resource persons for the professional development of teachers. This way, teachers can learn and teach in government schools and enable activity-based learning for the children

  • Smt. Anupama C.SSmt. Anupama C.SScience Facilitators GHPS Yellapur, Tumakuru

    The Sanchalana Program has created a stir in the academic development of teachers and students. In my experience, a planned activity of teaching learning aspects of each month is a motivational complement to learn and teach any subject matter in depth. The great art of teachers is to awaken joy in creative expression and knowledge. Thanks to the Sanchalana program that has contributed to this.

  • Mr. JayannaMr. JayannaScience Facilitator GHPS Janakallu, Sira

    Theactivities(given in Sanchalana) became the treasure for the teachers. It was an opportunity to learn new experiments. It made them think in different patterns. Involving with the children with various activities helped to teach the concepts easily. It filled the mind that was once lethargic.

  • Smt. Arshiya BeeSmt. Arshiya BeeScience Facilitator KPS Huliyar, Chi Na Village

    The Sanchalana program is a great platform for the professional development of teachers. It helps in organizing innovative activities through mutual discussions. There was a lot of scope for discussion of the subject matter in the presence of more teachers at a time when subject-wise Sanchalana Programs were going on but that opportunity has diminished in the last two months

  • Sri Eeshachari M KSri Eeshachari M KMathematics Teacher Facilitator, GHPS Haridasanahalli, Turuvekere

    As a teacher, the Sanchalana programme is a great platform to engage in a system that complements effective teaching, quality learning, and provide appropriate guidance to the children. It helps me learn from other colleagues and have a good rapport. The Sanchalana Program is a great platform for all teachers for the effective implementation of the current Kalika Chetarike. Your presentations will be helpful in teaching the hard spots in the different subjects.

  • HanumantharayappaHanumantharayappaMathematics Facilitator, GHPBS YN Hosakote, Pavagad

    The Sanchalana Program helped all the teachers. We learnt many newconcepts in Mathematics and Science. It helped me personally to understand the concepts in both the subjects. Also, there is a lot of improvement in my classroom as well. Thanks a lot to theCWC team for sponsoring and implementing such programs, which also helps our children to learn very well

  • Smt. VidyaSmt. VidyaScience Facilitator GHPS Thumbadi, Koratagere

    Sanchalana is a good learning-sharing platform. It is helping the subject-wise teachers to discuss the difficulties. My school is helping in teaching more effectivelyas all the other teachers share different activities related to the same subject

  • Mr. ShukurMr. ShukurEnglish Teacher Mentor KPS Patnayakanahalli, Sira

    Sanchalana, it’s a sharing and learning platform in which teachers get an" opportunity to discuss their pedagogical process regarding their Kalika Chetarike learning outcomes and other competencies.Teachers learn innovative ideas, methods regarding the Kalika Chetarike. The webinar is also very useful for teachers to know how to teach competencies by using different TLMs

  • Mr. Seenappa RMr. Seenappa RMathematics Teacher Sugamakara, GHPS B.K.Halli, Pavagada

    The innovative teaching methods given to the teachers in the Sanchalana program are the resources needed for diverse teaching. The teaching methods needed for learning to reach the child, the various lesson plans, and the updates in Teachopia are increasing the confidence and professionalism for every teacher

  • Mrs. Vanitha HMrs. Vanitha HScience Facilitators GHPS Channapatna, Koratagere

    It is good that the Sanchalana program is providing online and face-to-face training to interested subject teachers. The Sanchalana program is different and is showing a different angle in the interpretation of concepts by propelling the intelligence of facilitators and teachers towards new thought processes. For example, videos that appear online or in webinars are helping teacher in thinking differently. "

  • Sri RavishSri RavishCRP J.C. Pura and Theerthapura China Halli

    The success of the Sanchalana program has been provenby the effective implementation of Kalika Chetarikelearning outcomes by teachers in the classroom. Teachers can easily explain ‘learning’ through innovative activities in schools by finding solutions to the problems.

  • Smt. SaraswathammaSmt. SaraswathammaCRP Biligere, Tiptur

    It is useful to organize activities for children as simple activities come through the webinar for achieving the learning outcomes. It is also helpful to bring teachers under the same roof at the Sanchalana centres. The exchange of content has helped in carrying out the activities of the Kalika Chetarike initiative and also the discussion on how the learning outcomes can be achieved through the preparation of TLMs so that all the schools are doing the activity by using the TLMs

  • Smt. GeethaSmt. GeethaCRP Vaddagere, Koratagere

    True to its name, the Sanchalana program is moving around,as we can get knowledge from it wherever we are! It has become our way of sharing ideas andgoals for our smooth work. This year became a great platform to overcome many confusions regarding Kalika Chetarike by sharing the topics and discussingthe best concepts in the class.

  • DakshinamurthyDakshinamurthyBRP Tiptur

    It is not an overstatement to say that the Sanchalana programs are quite beneficial in enhancing the professional efficiency of facilitators and adopting an innovative pedagogical approach, making it an ideal platform for each facilitator to share with peers and experience the innovative teaching methods and activities that he/she has adopted in the classroom to facilitate his or her knowledge and learning

  • Smt. RajyalakshmiSmt. RajyalakshmiBRP Gubbi

    Subject-wise webinars are coming out well and giving teachers more knowledge about the subject they are teaching. Irrespective of whether the teacher is a subject teacher or not, the Sanchalana is useful for teachers in classroom transactions. It is promising to note that more and more resource persons are being prepared among the teachers by conducting such workshops.

  • Smt.ArunammaSmt.ArunammaM,ScienceFacilitators,GHPSHoolikatte,Gubbi

    Facilitators are helped to gain an in-depth knowledge of the subject. This will help in transacting the concepts to the children of their respective schools. The pre and post-webinar quizzes have increased our interest and engagement, allowing for smoothness in facilitation. Some of the experiments are done by the children at the end while doing the activities, which helps in exploration through experiential learning."

  • Smt. Kurba BhanuSmt. Kurba BhanuEnglish Teacher Mentor,GHPS Shira

    The Program organized by CWC for our teachers is Sanchalana. This program made some changes in our government schools. Teachers are motivated because of this program in which they learnt some new, innovative and effective teaching learning methods as well as teaching learning materials.

  • RamyaRamya6th Std., S.H.PSchool, Jakkenahalli

    Three teachers from our school are mainly participating in the Sanchalana program. We are very happy to learn in the classroom. The subject matter discussed in theprogram is being taught in a very simple, innovative way. We are taught through activities and through technology so that we can understand the subjects thoroughly using the materials and the learning tools like Math kit, Science kit, etc.

  • Mr. CharanMr. Charan7thStd student, GHPS Jakkenahalli, Beledhara cluster, Tumakuru block

    Our maths teacher Shri. Sharadamma taught us very well. I am very happy and I am enjoying my learnings in my day-to-day life. For example, When I go to Provisional stores to purchase vegetables/ groceries, I remember the Maths lesson of Measurement and Weight(1kg, 500 gms, 250 gms). Thanks to the Sanchalana team for its support and handholding

  • PallaviPallaviTeacher, GHPS Singonahally, Bhaktarahally cluster, Kottagere hobli, Kunigal Taluk

    The Sanchalana program is a very good job that you are all co-ordinating. The content shared in science is really good. Sanchalana meetings for Mathematics are great and are easily understandable. Keep doing the good work and keep supporting us

  • K.NVanithamaniK.NVanithamaniTeacher, GHPS Parthihalli, Madhugiri

    The Sanchalana is not only teacher-centric,but also,it’s student-centric as it is anactivity-based program. As far as mathematics is concerned, Sanchalana is a motivational program,that provides a solution through constant discussions with teachers via WhatsApp.

  • Vishwa Prakash M.LVishwa Prakash M.LAssociate Teacher, GHPS Yadavani, Hanjipura Cluster, Amruthur Hobli, Kunigal Taluk

    The Sanchalana program is a special andprogress driven training program for teachers. In this program, the teachers themselves are facilitators and the facilitators become children, in an attempt to actively impart knowledge to students with lot of interest. It's a beautiful process where many skilled resource persons and facilitators come together to express a subject in different dimensions."

  • ManjulaManjulaTeacher Mentor - English,GLPS Sarjammanahally, Dodderi Hobli

    Sanchalana program is an excellent place for interaction organized by caring with colour, DIET Tumkur and helps the teacher to share their ideas on the Kalika Chetarike learning outcomes. Every teacher and their teaching methods are unique. Therefore, this program will be very essential to know about the different ways of teaching by different teachers.

  • C.M. DinakarC.M. DinakarS.S GHPS Sondenahalli Godekere Cluster, Chinahalli Taluk

    Sanchalana- Kalika Chetarike” is a meaningful program which is coming out very well and is proving to be helpfulto the teachers for this academic year.This program is based on the needs of the teachers, and is implemented by mapping their needs class-wise, based on the learning outcomes of the respective months, to achieve the respective learning outcomes.

  • Gopalakrishna BTGopalakrishna BTCRP Dodderi Cluster, Madhugiri Taluk

    Sanchalana is a platform for teachers who teach English, Mathematics, Science subjects at the Hobli level to discuss the problems and difficulties they face while facilitating in the classroom

  • VeenaVeenaJ.H BRC, Turuvekere Taluk

    In the Sanchalana program, CWC helped us through the hard spots inScience and Mathematics through creative activities and experiential learning. They also helped create an English learning environment in the classroom.

  • Mr. Karunakara DMr. Karunakara DR Education Coordinator, BEO Office, Kunigal Taluk

    The Sanchalana program includes the required video lesson to suit each one’s ability, in-depth subject knowledge and the uses necessary learning tools to make it easier for children to understand, and fosters teachers' discussion on simple teaching methods. Especially in the English Program, the pronunciation of words and communication in English has inspired and motivated teachers.

Moments in our classrooms