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The positions described below are broadly indicative of how we want to structure our programs. We are very much open to considering people from other educational / professional backgrounds who are able to add value to the strategic direction and bring in new ideas.

*Pay scales will be commensurate with experience and skills.


Interested applicants may send their resumes along with a cover letter to

Current Openings

Experiential Content Developer (Science/ Mathematics ) - Full Time

Roles & Responsibilities:

  • Primary responsibility of Content Developers is to develop low-cost, hands-on experiential learning modules that can be used in government schools
  • Precisely identify the gaps in the learning process in each of the govt schools and develop appropriate tools, methods and processes needed to improve learning outcomes in students
  • Closely coordinate with CWC teachers and Govt school teachers and provide them with all the content, methodology and process support needed
  • Coordinate with other organizations in this space to adopt the best practices
  • Collaborate with Govt school teachers closely and train them on using experiential learning content in classrooms
  • Any other tasks as required. We have a everyone-does-everything sort of a tech start-up culture in our org.

Skills Required

  • High degree of Subject matter expertise in Mathematics / Science.
  • Ability to understand the underlying reasons for learning gaps in each lesson plan and create content / methodology / process changes to mitigate the learning gaps, structure the curriculum based on complexity.
  • Knowledge of Karnataka State Syllabus, NCERT, CBSE curricula
  • Ability to create digital content for lessons, gamify the learning content, develop alternative assessment methodologies.
  • Creative and out-of-the-box thinkers
  • Prior training in Education & pedagogy, strong working knowledge of constructivist approach to learning and teaching will be an added advantage

Salary Range: Commensurate with skills & experience

Internship - Content Writing

Location: Bangalore
No of Positions: 4
Salary: Rs. 10,000 to Rs. 15,000 depending on skills and prior experience
Experience Required: 0+ Years
Duration of Internship: 6 months
Travel Requirements: Occasional travel may be required to schools / areas where CWC field works happens.
Roles and Responsibilities:
Selected intern's day-to-day responsibilities include: 1) Work under the direction of content developers to develop lesson plans & low-cost, hands-on experiential learning modules that can be used in government schools 2) Research and create the needed background material for the assigned content modules 3) Help the content developers in production and post-production processing of various types of animation and multi-media content 4) Any other tasks as assigned Skills Required:
1) Solid Subject matter expertise in math, science and English.
2) Solid written and verbal communication skills
3) Creative and out-of-the-box thinkers
4) Experience in Audio-visual editing tools, graphics / animation tools, hands-on experience with Audrino, Raspberry PI, Scratch programming etc will be a big plus.
5) Preference will be given to candidates with skills in fine arts / visual arts

Arts Integration Specialist

Purpose Develop and help the content team develop arts integrated experiential teaching and learning content (lesson plans, assignments, assessments and other types of materials) for grades 4-10. Primarily will be developing, Be a champion of arts integrated teaching methodologies and promote innovative learning methods through training in-house content team members as well as external stakeholders. Location: CWC Office at Indiranagar, Bangalore Responsibilities included but not limited to

  • In this position you are required to develop, implement, and support a comprehensive K-12 Arts integrated Experiential teaching and learning Content for grades 4 – 10 in subjects like math / sciences / languages etc.
  • Partner with Arts & Sciences Content Developers in the design and development of various types of instructional content for Govt School Teachers.
  • Support in-house Content developers with low-cost / no-cost ideas on how any given concept can be taught through arts integrated methodologies.
  • Develop rigorous training programs for both in-house and external stakeholders on various aspects relating to arts-integrated learning methodologies.
  • Assist the content team in developing various types of evaluation and assessment material that can ensure desired learning outcomes are being met in a classroom. Make recommendations to develop a wide variety of learning assessment instruments.
  • Research and recommend new and emerging technologies, instructional design theories and models and their potential application to instructional opportunities; design and produce learning materials regarding trends, to support teaching and learning needs.
  • Provide internal stakeholders daily opportunities to learn in and through the Arts. And be actively involved in engaging external stake holders such as working with Govt Department, as well as developing partnerships with other organizations and the community.
Skills Required
  • Thorough understanding of various constructivist teaching and experiential learning paradigms and an ability to customize one for Government schools.
  • Proven track record of integrating activity based and arts integrated learning methodologies at higher grades in Indian curricula.
  • Have deep subject knowledge expertise in Math / Science / Languages for curriculum up to grade 10.
  • Ability to analyse and understand how each concept in the curriculum can be seen in real-world and conceptualize how the real-world relevance cab be brought into the classroom.
  • Ability to breakdown any given school level concept in math/science into its constituent parts and reconstruct it using experiential and arts-integrated teaching techniques.
  • Have an in-depth idea of constructivism and other pedagogical philosophies.
  • Proven expertise in any of the visual or performing art forms is a big plus.
  • Masters degree (or higher) in disciplines such as mathematics, sciences, engineering, statistics, design etc.
  • At least 7+ years of work experience in education sector with proven experience in integrating arts into curricular subjects at school level.
  • Experience teaching at the primary, higher primary and secondary level schools in person and/or online.
  • Demonstrated understanding and ability to stay abreast of current trends and developments in various art and design fields within K-12 Curriculum.
  • Computer skills, including Microsoft Office, G-Suite skills required.
  • Experience working with a team, ability to manage multiple projects and tight deadlines, agility required.